Project Launches (Product Branding)

XIGERA Launch by leading Zimbabwean bespoke jeweller


Understanding space limitation and flow lines we created an “INDOOR” walk, through the “Okavanga Swamp” to an exclusive Camp Site where the incredible XIGERA collection was launched by a leading Zimbabwean bespoke jeweller.

The project was a living plant installation. #NoOasis was utilized throughout the exhibition. The living installation was designed to last a month.

Sincere thanks to our host, for the gorgeous props and object d’art used in this project.


What is a Project Launch?

A project is any temporary endeavor (simple or complex) with a definite beginning and end. After consultation – our creatives translate the client’s vision and bring it to life using mechanics and floral plant life in unique ways for extraordinary results.

In our floral world, projects are usually temporary and in each project we strive to produce results that are unfamiliar to one’s eyes. Needless to say, we aim to satisfy our clients with something that is never ordinary.

Franjipanji celebrates pushing boundaries and exploring what lies beyond traditional floral décor. We are enthused by new ideas, concepts and work through flowers & plants to create energetic floral art curation and design.

We will explore delicate or bold options and assess flow lines and energy enhancing options through creative floral craft for your specific Project or Launch.